Write explanatory notes on; law society of Kenya

• Establishment: The Law society of Kenya is established by section 3 of the Law Society of Kenya Act Cap 18, as a body corporate by name Law Society of Kenya with perpetual succession and a common seal and capacity to sue or be sued.

Membership: it consists of the following categories of members;
• Practicing advocates
• Non-practicing advocates
• Special members
• Honorary members.

The affairs of the society are managed by a council elected by members

Under Section 4 (1) of the Law Society of Kenya Act, the objects of the society are:
• To maintain the standards of conduct and leaning of the legal profession.
• To facilitate acquisition of legal knowledge by members and others
• To assist the government and the courts in all matters relating to legislation and administration of law.
• To protect and assist members of the legal profession in relation to the condition of practice of law
• To assist and protect members of the public in all matters touching or incidental to law
• To acquire or dispose off assets.
• To raise funds.
• To do everything necessary to accomplish its objects.

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